otrdiena, 2010. gada 3. augusts

Pretty Odd

I am actually listening to something very unusual for me. And that is 3OH!3. I remember I discovered them hmm, like 3 years ago, when I was little emo kid, who used to search for fashionable music in myspace. This is like little confession about who i was and who I have become!

Now when I look back at myself I am damn scared and ashamed, and I pray that , that never happened, but I shouldn't be ashamed of who I was, so I am doing something extra brave- I am publishing pictures of myself!

So if you still are here , not running away screaming or cutting wrists, than I can confess even more, yes I was BIG fan of Tokio Hotel and other emo bands!
This is part what i never ever tell people! :D

What led me to alternative music first was HIM, at age of 12, later later later come TH, bet If that would never happen, maybe I still would listen to European Shit radio or god know what else.

So I am grateful for them, and for myself, that I had power to stand out and to be against gray masses, It was some kind of riot in me that just needed to be shown!

2 komentāri:

  1. you were not that bad..
    most of us had that stage between 12-15/16 :))
    I had it too.i was listening to the rasmus,fall out boy,panic at the disco,from first to last and my chemical romance.(and th too,but even now,i'm ashamed to admit it:)) )

    at least you developed well.

  2. Yeah same band list for me there was! ;D I am listening to the time to time sometimes, for memories sake! :D

    It took me much courage to admit that I was fan of th!

    And thank you! :))