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Ready to Leave for Dresden

So I don't know how to start this properly, I will try my best to write this short, so I won't annoy you all to death.
Interesting part was when we had to leave at 5 am and of course, we woke up late, at 3 am, so in those 2 hours we packed, coloured hair and eyebrows and ate! We are superwomen!

Purpose of Trip was singing in Church and in small festival in Kamenický Šenov with our choir.
So we were ready to leave! Our boys from choir started drinking and did it for rest of 18 hours. This is the part which I really don't understand-
How one can drink so much vodka and beer and everything and don't get sick of it? How's that physically possible?
I was really annoyed with them. Loud, Rude and Drunk they were. :/ So the beggining wasn't the best.
We get trough Lithuania very fast and then, Yes It's never-ending Poland. No offence to people who live there, maybe Poland is beautiful, but from my point of view, which was trough bus window, it's so square, angular and loaded with advertisements. They pops out from every bush and tree. That country makes me feel depressed. Industries everywhere and it never ends. 12 hours to get trough it.
Ah and I caught glimpse of Royal Wedding in Poland's gas station on TV, while standing in row for toilet. :D

And the time when we reached Wrocław I already was half dead. My stomach was aching and my limbs were numb and I couldn't walk properly, I was swinging from side to side, but what do you expect , I was on bus for 18 hours?
Hotel was in USSR style. Nothing luxus, but ok.

Day 2.

Breakfasts and again on wheels.
I could feel the change in landscapes as we were trundling closer to German border. Beautiful.
At the time when we reached Czech border I was already in awe from beauty outside the window. I am not gonna tell now how beautiful were trees, forests, fields, mountains, animals, go and See yourself! ;D
And Now we could truly die from happiness as we rolled in Kamenický Šenov .
City was small and breathtakingly stunning. Tiny streets, colourful little houses and surrounded by mountains .
So we went to the first glass school ever and visited glass privet exposition.
And went on the top of small monticule, to the small festival, were we sang many songs in wind.
They have beer cheaper than Coca Cola. :D
Our Hotel was Glorious, really. I jumped in bed from excitement for about 5 minutes. The view from window was just -amazing!

So we bought candies, cheap red wine and turned on our Lcd Tv and watched Worldwide Ice Hockey Championship. And how ironic was it, the game was Latvia against Czech Republic! :D Later we run to the nearest pub where everyone were watching it too and citizens were shocked when couple of young people jumped and screamed when Latvia got goal! :D Their faces were like- wtf are they doing, we are losing man!
Anyway we tried to be prudent, didn't want to get in any trouble. We lose 4:2
So despite the fact that tomorrow we had to sing in church early in morning we got kinda drunk and everybody loved everyone losers and winners equally. And did I say that, Beer is really cheap there? It is.

Day 3

So half asleep we survived early morning in church and here we go, we were free from singing! :D
I so didn't want to leave this ambassadorial room and village.

We visited some great Country park in Germany. There were huge cliffs in forest and hills. I think we walked many kilometers.
But next stop Germany Dresden!
Fact, 15 square kilometer of It were bombarded during II World War and since then it's rebuild from ashes. Incredible.
It was pretty late in Sunday when we reached City and our hotel. And again we got the best Rooms with huge windows and view to whole cityscape, while others were sleeping in double store beds!
Ate at those kebab type of restaurant and went for a little walk round corner at night. Drank cherry beer and made crazy photos in photo booth.

Day 4

Best Hotel breakfasts this far. And ready to wonder around the city. And I really don't know how to describe all amazing, smiling people and artistic shops and streets and city center, old town and the fact that everything is rebuild in art-nouveau style made it more incredible.
Too bad that we had deadline- 5 pm we had to leave. So these 6 hours in town was in a hurry. And what irritated me the most was fact that Saturn didn't accept Visa Cards, so I couldn't buy new earphones! :@
And German language is really funny, and I am glad that I understood some words.
Danke Schon Dresden!

In Bus we all got drunk with our choir conductor and sang out loud. Cheap red wine kicked hard, bus was reeling and we were wobbling around. Madhouse!

Day 5

Bus flew trough Poland like we were on fire or somebody's chasing us. It was impossible to find comfortable position to sleep in. Everything was falling apart and bus looked like mess. And I desperately wanted a cigarette break. When we finally got out I felt like junkie. Shaking and swinging from side to side and head felt like giant bucket!
Non-stop driving, everyone were sleeping. And now when I think of it, maybe I slept a bit, but I really don't know. Weird.

And As I am leaving something beautiful it's raining and HURTS- Stay comes up on shuffle.
Trip was Great. Sometimes too much deadlines and hurry and I couldn't handle same people any longer, but after all again I want to cry as I see people living in such an amazing places and actually LIVING not surviving.
I Think I am really ready to leave.

P.S. Sorry for crappy pictures, it's from my mobile phone. There, hopefully, will be more.

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