trešdiena, 2010. gada 21. jūlijs

Magnificent beauty

What do you think 'bout cats?
Some say they are from different planet, or just weird! I agree with book ''Placebo'', by Lithuanian author. She beautifully shows world from cats eyes in some chapters, and I believe everything she writes. Cats are mentally developed and intelligent creatures, who are here to show us peace.
Ok I am not good at retelling books and events, so you will need to find this book by your own!

So stop with this nonsense, and look at my cat!
Isn't she just like me, blue-eyed and blond?

Song of this morning!

4 komentāri:

  1. Aww,you have a beautiful cat ;D I love that you can actually photograph cats,not like dogs(well,my dog)who won't stay still for a second. <-here is a nice blog,you should check it out

  2. Ahh. Problem with my cat, that she stands too still sometimes! :D
    Yeah, dogs are problematic! :D

    Awwww, that blog is extra cute! ^^

  3. Oh your cat is georgousss! The second picture its really good actualy. My cats only bring peace when they feel like, cause most of the times they just enjoy bitting and scratching. =X

  4. My cat is really calm, and easily frightened. So she's not the scratchy type!