pirmdiena, 2010. gada 19. jūlijs

Positivus 2010

This is my first attempt to try out of what should blog look like, and now I am going to be so stylish! yoo
First of all, I am not English, but I will make this blog English, so, pardon If I make some awful mistakes, you can always correct me! ^^

My best days in year!

Festival with 35 000 positive people and many international artists!
We were not many comparing to Rock am Ring, Leeds, Glastonbury and Reading, but we are harmonic and united.
So my experience:
UNKLE- This was crazy! First row, dancing and shaking and feeling music like mad! I adore his music.
Goran Gora- Beautiful.
Shoreline- mmmmm
AIWYFA- HC postrock, with such energy, it was maaad!!!!
Scissor Sisters- I didn't know them so much, but now I am in Love. They were great!!!!
Muse- Like, so predictable, yes they play good, yes, there were lasers and show, but it wasn't so personal like I would like it to be. SS was way more attractive. :/

But all the wive and love and happiness that was in the air, it's indescribable!

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