ceturtdiena, 2010. gada 21. oktobris


It's autumn.
Do I need to mention, that I like this, windy rainy weather, I really do, not like most people here.
Everybody is having autumn depression. I had it in summer, of course I am not happy and cheery at this time, but more calm and taking energy of this time. At least not worse than in summer.
I want away, anyway, this country is surrounding me and getting on me with this motionless .... everything...
Same places, same faces, same emotions.
I just want to feel something more than just admiration for this weather and romantic songs.
So this is mine romantic photo session in extremely cold wind and in my mother's self made blouse.
It is more than 10 years old, and pale pink, not an ordinary color for me, but I still managed to wear it. :)

And this gorgeos girl is my roommate- Eva!

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